The Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas/Anuario de Historia de América Latina was found in 1964 and contains unreleased research articles about the history of Latin America. Most of the articles are written in Spanish or English, however some are in German, Portuguese and French. The section “Forum” deals with current historiographical debates and comparable examinations of other large regions. With this concept, the Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas not only aims to improve the research of Latin America but also to show critical historiographical input from German and European perspectives.

Established 1964 as the Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas of state, economy and society (volumes 1-34) by Richard Konetzke (†) and Hermann Kellenbenz (†)

Continued by Günther Kahle (†), Hans-Joachim König, Horst Pietschmann, Hans Pohl, Peer Schmidt (†) Scientific Advisory Council: Jens Baumgarten, Arndt Brendecke, Johanna von Grafenstein, Nikolaus Werz

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft supports the production of the Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas / Anuario de Hisoria de América Latina.